What is a Mind Map

A mind map is a graphical representation of topics, ideas, or concepts in a radial, non-linear manner. A mind map focuses on a central keyword or topic, with other items linked to and arranged around the central idea. Mind maps encourage a brainstorming style approach to planning and organizational tasks.

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What is a Mind Map

Characteristics of a Mind Map

A mind map can consist of words, images and additional rich-media content(audio, video, digital files).  The arrangement or order of ideas is based on the importance of the concepts, and can be classified into groups, enforcing the relationships of the topics and their overall involvement with the central topic.   The introduction of mind mapping programs such as Matchware MindView allows for better productivity from your mind mapping sessions.

By including words, images and color schemes, a Mind mapping diagram allows for greater creativity when brainstorming ideas and documenting information, or planning for a project.  The arrangement of ideas and inclusion of contents enhances organization, memorization and presentation skills.

Uses of a Mind Map

Mind maps are used to visualize, organize, and classify ideas, making them perfect for study aids, organizing information, problem solving, writing and making decisions.

Mind maps have many applications in educational and business situations, including note taking and writing to creating agendas and running meetings.

Mind maps can be used for:

  • problem solving
  • brainstorming
  • business plans
  • SWOT analysis
  • outlining documents
  • collaboration
  • creating presentations